How to Improve Your Home Security While Away on Holiday
Feb 07 2017
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Going on holiday is fun and exciting until you start thinking about home security while you are away. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time that you have heard of a home being robbed while the family was away on holiday. So this makes one wonder about who they can trust to look after their house and if they will come back finding everything just as it were before they left. There are many options that one could offer you but the best is definitely a home alarm system that will alleviate your fear of being robbed.

Home Security Systems

Wireless alarm systems have evolved to the point that they offer completely automated security of your home whether or not you are around. They give you the ability to understand the whole system and run it from wherever you are with access from your smartphone. Some of them come with spy cameras that you can install anywhere within your home, and you can easily see what is going on in real time. If someone attempts to break in, the alarm goes off notifying the authorities immediately, and they’ll be there in a few minutes.

Keep it Hushed

Most people like informing friends, family and even acquaintances that they are going away on holiday, especially if they are going to an exotic place out of the country. It is wise to avoid this since when you inform people, especially those who are only acquaintances, word is bound to spread and criminals may start targeting your home waiting for you to leave. Also, avoid posting about it on social media as this further informs robbers that you will be away hence making your house an easy target. If you don’t believe me then look up what happened to a Kardashian when she Instagrammed photos of her jewelry while in Paris! However, with Atoms alarm systems, you have assured the safety of your property no matter how long your holiday is.

Lock Up

While you are around, it may seem unnecessary to lock up the doors and close the windows; however, if you are going away on holiday, this is of the utmost necessity. Make sure that all the doors in your home are lockable; you may even consider changing locks as this is the best way of ensuring that your home is secure. The windows and curtains should be closed too, so as to prevent anyone from using the windows to get in or even see what is in your house. Some wireless alarm systems allow you to simply control the opening of your doors using your mobile phone, which is helpful if you may have forgotten to lock up.

Even though Home security is your responsibility, consider notifying the community gardai that you may be away for more than a week since they may make an effort to drive by your place and make sure that everything is okay while you are away.

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