How Your Home Is Targeted, Popular Entry Points, and Common Items Taken

No one wants to have their home broken into, but it can happen. Burglars know what to look for on the outside of your home, and what items to take once they are in your home. Most of the time, people who become burglars need money for one reason or other. Here are some ways to make your house more secure with and without adding home security systems.

There are a number of ways that homes become targets for being broken into. Burglars look for various signs on the outside of the house that indicate it will be easy to break into. The two main things that they are looking for is a way in and a place to hide if a home alarm is triggered. They also look for areas that have low-traffic, homes that do not look regularly taken care of, and homes that are easy to get to and leave from. Burglars also look for signs of any home alarm systems before breaking in.

Popular Entry Points

There are many ways that a burglar can get into your home. The most common way is by the back door. The reason is that most backdoor locks are normally not high tech, and they can use a bump key. A bump key is made from a key which has been filed down, so it can work in most doors. The back door can also be forced open with a crowbar or by damaging the frame.

Windows are the next most common entry points. There are many ways that windows are opened. Most times the burglars will just use an unlocked or open window. Some will break a window that cannot be seen by the neighbours or the street.

Common Items That Are Stolen

Since burglars are looking to make a lot of money while not getting caught, they are looking for valuable items that they can grab fast. Many times, house and car keys are common things that burglars take. Bags and purses are also very common, as most times the burglar is hoping there is money in them, or that the bag will have other valuable items inside.  Mobile devices, tablets, and laptops are also stolen a lot, but this is becoming more popular in coffee shops and other areas outside of the home. Jewellery and bags are popular items as they are easy enough to sell.

There is no way of completely stopping your house from being broken into. However, there are measures that you as a homeowner can take to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary. No matter what measures you take, Home alarm systems are the best burglar deterrents and in the chance that they still target your home, a monitored home alarm system ensures that the key holder is notified immediately of a break-in.

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