4 of The Best Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home
Mar 02 2017
Open Wooden Box to Store Valuables

When you hide your valuables in uncommon and unthinkable places, it’s less likely that a thief will be able to find them. For those whose homes have been burglarized and for those who have not, their one hope is that precious valuables that they treasure so dearly remain unscathed. Installing a home alarm system can help make this possible but hiding your things in the right places can be just as advantageous.  Your TV, laptop, smartphone, money or clothes are easy to replace in comparison to your title deed, your credit cards, your precious heirlooms or any other valuable materials. Prevention starts with simple preparations and interior improvements to ensure that you find the best places to keep these things.

Safe Books on the Bookshelf

The first place where robbers ransack when they break into a home is the master bedroom because it is normally where safes, jewellery, money, and other precious valuables are kept. Don’t think like them, go against the norm and do something different. You can purchase safe books and keep them on your bookshelf. They look just like books but instead are boxes with locks where you can keep your precious materials. Your car keys, expensive necklaces, and other materials could perfectly fit in it. Some home security companies can ensure that your home is well equipped with these common materials for keeping your valuables safe.

Hide Your Things in Common Places

You don’t need a secret room in your house to keep your things safe. Keep them in common places that a robber would not think of. Hide your things in the pantry, under the kitchen sink or the corner where you keep your mops and brooms, even the air vents could be a possible hiding spot. It is unlikely that a robber would think of these spots as places where you would hide your valuables. You don’t need to wait for a home alarm system to be installed to start hiding your things, start earlier before it’s too late.

Under the Carpet and by the Door

While the burglar is busy running into the interior of your home, you could take comfort in the fact that all your valuables are at your entry points hidden under the carpet or floorboards. A burglar would never expect for your valuables to be hidden in such a place. Wherever you want to keep your things, simply ensure that they are not affected by bad weather or unfavourable environments as to deteriorate their worth. Keep checking them time and again to ensure that they remain in good condition. Be careful where you keep your precious things and make sure that only the people you trust see you checking your valuables.

Outside the House Could Be Best

When you live in a small home where it’s easy for people to search and there is easy access to everything within minutes, consider looking for a place outside. It could be the in the shed, on the balcony or any other safe place that no one will realise. If looking to safeguard your things outside your home make sure to have high-quality locks installed and whatever they are kept in is weather resistant.

Even with all these measures taken one of the best things you can do to keep your valuables safe is to install a home alarm system that ensures that you and the garda are noticed if any problems occur around your home. If a home alarm system is not in the cards for right now, then always do your best and take the necessary measures to stay one step ahead of potential burglars.

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